Mobile APP Development


We design and develop custom native and cross-platform mobile apps, mobile SDKs and utilities, as well as lean mobile solutions for business smoothly integrated with web services and internal corporate systems. Our enterprise mobility offering is supported with enterprise web development expertise and is a natural add-on to our competency of digitalizing and mobilizing corporate business processes. We possess hands-on experience in Enterprise Mobile Application development and integration, including mobile back-end development, complex server-side solutions, and data protection. The mobile applications we create provide intuitive and convenient user experience, while supporting efficient bi-directional communication between the handheld and the corporate system in the back-end, thus helping enterprise users on-the-go access mission-critical data and corporate systems via smartphones and tablets any time, anywhere.


Custom Software Solutions


Take advantage of Cloud computing which allows tapping into a pool of resources (including networking, storage, etc.) to quickly scale up as the number of users grows. We are experts at building complex cloud solutions that are highly scalable, optimized for performance, and secure.
Our engagement model and low-risk approach will help reduce time to market, optimize your budget, and ensure 100% protection of your code.

Whether you need to build a custom web app from scratch, migrate your legacy backend, or streamline existing front-end functionality, we can accomplish that in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The advantage of custom software applications is that they are tailored exactly to the way your business works.




we don’t just create custom software, we build solutions to your business problems. With a serious and regardful attitude towards your business, we start from the point of concept examination: our specialists carefully analyze your needs and help you create a detailed software requirements specification, which is indispensable for implementing the project the way you envision it.





We create something new without abandoning the fundamental principles of good design. We push the boundaries by understanding where they lie. Craft is that extra bit of polish, careful selection of typography, or subtle particle effect that causes you to lean forward. It immediately catches your eye, drawing you deeper into the experience.
User experience is a critical factor that can make or break your project. Our UX design and prototyping experts will make sure the resulting UI is highly usable across various devices and platforms. That sweet spot at the intersection of function and form. We fine-tune the user’s experience from start to finish.




We align with the best development practices, provide transparency and professional guidance throughout all the development stages — from requirements analysis and specification to prototyping, development and launch in the application store or use in a corporate environment.
We have adopted test driven agile-scrum development philosophy. Our Scrum methodology allows us to rapidly build complex applications, efficiently handle changing requirements, and improve the overall product quality through a rigorous QA process.
Ease-of-use and usability get top priority. Our UX experts will make sure your app is straightforward, intuitive, and easy to navigate — whether on desktop or mobile. We typically start with UI prototyping and user flows to create meaningful user experiences.


Quality Assurance & Testing

  • It’s user-friendly

  • It provides high performance

  • The app is reliable, stable and secure

  • It efficiently utilizes the limited device CPU and memory capacity

  • It provides consistent fault-free operation

  • The app has low battery consumption

  • The app supports seamless data exchange between the device and the mobile backend

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