Premium Rate Services (PRSP)


Our wide range of value added services for GSM include Bulk SMS dispatch, USSD services, Short Codes, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and Subscription Services.
Use our wide array of VAS Premium rate service to Reach your clients instantly via bulk SMS and Enhance brand recognition when sending messages by using custom sender Ids. Also handle your customer caller capacity using our IVR .
Use the same platform you know for voice, SMS, video, chat, two-factor authentication, and more.
Belmax offers a hassle-free procurement of your Premium rate VAS number, Lease a new short code, senderId, USSD and IVR, migrate your existing one or simply share one of ours. Easy payment by credit card, bank transfer, cheque mobile money or PayPal.





Make sure clients can contact you anytime via SMS on a number that’s short and easy to remember. Short Codes are a great way for customers to interact with you, plus, they have the added advantage of being easy to remember since they are usually only 5 digits long. 
Belmax offers 2 goals to achieve this:

•    Shared short codes. Shared short Codes usually have a lower cost and quicker start up times. Use keywords and sticky sessions to route inbound messages correctly. Select a sub keyword, which clients will use in addition to a unique keyword of your choice to contact you anytime.

•    Dedicated short codes allow for full use with no limitations on the number of keywords. You can purchase a dedicated Short Code to give you more control and have complete ownership of the number.

Short Code campaigns using keywords allow you to support a variety of campaigns that can provide you with information on your customers to help with your targeting efforts.




With the ease of use with USSD and real-time response to queries use USSD to handle thousands of concurrent requests. Our USSD development service allows companies to offer a convenient interactive way for customers to contact your company to do a host of things.

USSD services are commonly used in banking, mobile polling, security systems and education, and can be used to pay, enquire and receive information about different services and products, 24 hours a day seven days a week.

1.    Provides an interactive way for customers to reach your company.
2.    Secure and private.
1.    Offer your customers a more flexible approach to self-service options.
2.    We will give you an easy to remember code (3 digits) that will represent the USSD site.
3.    Develop your own interactive menu driven service.
4.    USSD sessions can be initiated from a mobile handset via multiple options, from the traditional USSD short code (e.g. *100#), to SMS keyword based triggers.
5.    It is session-based and supports longer message content.
6.    Affordable and cost effective.




Short Codes can give your business the edge. Customers will easily remember your short code and when used on marketing materials will give your communications a sleek and modern look.

When timing counts, a BelMax Short Code gets your messages delivered without having to worry about message queuing or carrier filtering. Throughput starts at 100 messages per second.

Give your customers a quick and easy way to opt out of receiving messages. Allow them to send STOP (or the keyword of your choice) to a unique short code, and then automate their removal from your contact list within the dashboard.





Optimize your messaging setup with our advanced features, such as Custom Sender ID and Auto Concatenation. Show your name (up to 11 characters) instead of a number as the sender ID when sending messages. Avoid the standard SMS 160-character limit: send up to 9 multi-part messages that will be delivered as a single SMS. We work around the clock to deliver your messages as quickly as possible. Our SLA promises 99.95% uptime, and we mean it.

Easily import all your contacts at once by uploading a CSV or text file with their information. Create your message content and schedule the times you’d like your messages to be sent. Control the amount of time that your message is valid. If a message is not delivered within the specified time, it will be discarded.

No setup fees. No monthly fees.





Make smarter decisions by not only using our survey system but by also by supercharging it with SMS, USSD and IVR. Use Short Code based interactive campaigns to engage in a conversation with your audience, gain responses to surveys, confirm appointment reminders or use for customer service and support tickets.
If done well, a survey can be one of the most useful assets to your business or organization.Surveys can give you highly valuable insights into what your customers, audience, workforce, etc., are thinking, how they’re feeling, and why they are feeling it.
Survey questions that are close-ended or quantitative will allow you to aggregate your data numerically. Ask multiple choice, rating, opinion scale, and yes/no questions via short code, IVR and USSD and then later reward the users with Airtime sent to their phones. Their data is easy to analyze and draw conclusions from.




Support your customer, sales and marketting centres by handling, enquing and forwarding calls to the various departments. Send messages through our website or API and we’ll convert your text to speech. Clients will receive a phone call and hear your message upon answering.

Use two-factor authentication via text to speech to create an extra layer of safety for both you and your clients. Update or alert your clients with a call. Remind them about appointments, share urgent information, keep them in the loop. Communicate your campaigns and promotions in a scalable way. Inform your clients of upcoming sales, products, or events with a voice message.




Integrate SMS, Chat & Voice solutions within your website, CRM software mobile app or other application using our powerful API and libraries.

Incoming SMS messages containing your chosen unique keyword will be delivered to your preferred destination.

Replies from Short Codes can be received by your system via one of our APIs. With this choose whether to Answer your SMS messages manually or automatically. Keep track of incoming responses and handle all your two-way conversations from one place.

With DLR INFORMATION Receive real-time updates on the delivery status of your messages based on the information we receive from the telecom provider charged with sending your messages. BelMax offers 2 methods of SMS delivery HTTP Post and SMPP.